Violence at Work (UK)

Public Interest Web Sites

Centre for Corporate Accountability - The CCA aims to increase worker and public safety through promoting law enforcement and corporate criminal accountability.

Corporate Watch UK - A non-profit research organisation dedicated to providing information on corporate issues like GM CROPS, Climate Change, Globalisation

Disinformation - The end of the search for real information!

Greenpeace UK - The goal is to ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.

Human Rights Watch - HRW investigate and expose human rights violations and hold abusers accountable.

Info Wars - An extremely informative USA news web site!

Inquest - Inquest monitors and reports on deaths in police custody, in prisons, in young offenders institutions and in immigration detention centres.

Just Fight On - JFO is a worldwide community project dedicated to helping and promoting targets of workplace bullying.

Liberty - This organisation works to defend and extend rights and freedoms in England and Wales.

Nacro - Nacro is a charity organisation dedicated to making society safer.

NHS Exposed - A resource of very useful information, support and encouragement for those who find themselves at odds with the NHS.

Public Concern at Work - The leading authority on whistleblowing, providing free advice and assistance to individuals and advice, training and consultancy services for employers.

Reduce The Use - Visit this site for free information that will help you run a more environmentally friendly business, add to your bottom line AND benefit the environment.

The Taxpayers Alliance (UK) - The TPA is a group of idealistic, energetic activists from diverse backgrounds committed to fighting for lower taxes and forcing the politicians to listen to ordinary people.

Urban 75 - A community action group with real influence.

911 - What really happened!