Violence at Work (UK)

Leaving a situation

If a person begins to become aggressive, you need to decide whether to withdraw or, to remain and help them regain their composure. It will normally be best to withdraw to safety. This will allow the person time to ‘cool off’, whilst you inform others (colleagues/supervisor/security/police) of the difficulty being experienced and summon back up.

Make a suitable excuse and leave the scene. If you don't feel safe going back to the angry person - don't do it! But, do tell others of the situation.


Sometimes running away will be the best thing to do!

If you ever feel that running away from threatening circumstances is the safest thing for you to do, then do it immediately and, as soon as you can call for back-up and the Police. There is no shame in running away from something you wouldn't be able to cope with. It is a perfectly understandable, natural thing to do. It is common sense in the face of overwhelming odds, to leave and to regroup before re engaging.

Remember, no-one expects you to behave like a hero and the law expects you to behave as an "ordinary cautious person" would.