Violence at Work (UK)

Pre Employment Screening

Employers have a duty to protect employees and customers from harm/ injuries caused by employees whom the employer knows (or should know) pose a risk to others. An employer may be found to have breached this duty if they have failed to exercise 'due diligence' when checking out a prospective employee's background, references and personal suitability for the role - especially where such an investigation would have revealed that the applicant had a history of violent behaviour or was otherwise unfit for the job.


Pre Employment Screening Services

G4S Employment Screening & Validation Services

The Security Watchdog Screening Bureau

Eurocom C.I. Ltd t/a "BadAppleServices"

Centre for Forensic Neuroscience Limited 2008 - CFN Ltd undertakes specialist risk assessments of individuals who have admitted to or allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual behaviours. A battery of psychological and psychophysiological tests is used to assess the individual's psychosexual functioning and risk of sexually violent recidivism. Such reports are prepared for Criminal Courts, Solicitors and Barristers, CAFCASS workers and guardians, the Probation and Prison Service, Health and Mental Health Services, Voluntary organisations and Charities, Youth Offending Teams and Young Offender Institutions.

Maxima International Consultants Limited - London based, Maxima were instructed by a UK Plc to investigate suspicions that a newly appointed Board Director was, amongst other things, bullying and threatening staff. Firm evidence of this alleged conduct, and far worse, was adduced. Maxima also established that at the time of the director's appointment he was an un-discharged bankrupt and disqualified as a director. Basic pre-employment screening would have revealed the director's previous chequered business history and would have prevented embarrassment and saved the reputation of the company. More