Violence at Work (UK)

DNA Spit Kits

Advances in DNA technology have made it possible for people who spit at employees to be identified, prosecuted and convicted from the DNA evidence that they 'discard' in their spittle.

Special spit kits are now available for staff to use to collect a sample of the 'evidence' to be sent away for analysis.

First trialled in 2003, by London Underground in partnership with the British Transport Police, the Spit Kits have proved to be a really successful deterrent - through dramatically increasing the probability of conviction of offenders. In June 2007, the manager of London Underground's Workplace Violence Unit reported:

'Now, seven out of 10 samples sent off for testing will come back with a positive match. ' (More)

Spit Kits are now used by NCP Parking attendants, bus drivers and NHS staff.


Where can you buy Spit Kits?

Scenesafe supply a Mini Spit Kit (Model K662)

Features: It is pocket sized enabling employees to have the kit to hand when they need it. Clear Instructions visible from the outside of the pack enabling employees to familiarise themselves with how to use the kit before an incident occurs - Gloves Included - Saliva can transmit dangerous disease, so gloves provide protection when collecting the saliva.  Gloves also prevent accidental sample contamination by the employee. Hygiene Wipe - A wipe is included to enable the removal of spittal after collection. (More)

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The price could be as low as £1 per kit.

That was the price quoted in an Evening Standard news article published 17th May 2005. (More)