Violence at Work (UK)

About the site

The web site serves to:

1. Raise awareness about workplace violence.

2. Explain how violence at work can be controlled and the risks minimised.

3. Ensure everybody is clear about duty obligations and legal expectations.

4. Provide a forum for sharing information on best practice.

5. Supply a convenient means for service requirers to connect with service providers.


The Aim

The aim is to effect positive change in the way violence at work is managed in the UK.


The Goal

The goal is safer, more productive workplaces we can all feel proud of.


At the helm

The site is owned and managed by Jim O'Dwyer.

Jim is a consultant / trainer with AEGIS Protective Services

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Not for profit

The site is being operated on a not for profit basis.


Navigating the site is a breeze

Select and then click on a heading. On doing so, you will either be offered a menu of sub headings (in which case you select again), or you'll be shown directly into a page of information. On some pages there are links to further information, including external sources.


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